Published in Magazines and Webzines


The Secret of Sheep (Short Story, Horror) - Crow's Feet Journal, When the Wind Blows Anthology (2022)

The Beautiful Death of Abilene Bethel (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine & Kaidankai podcast

We Are Many, We Are One (Short Story, Horror) - Hedge Apple

From a Dark Place, Chewing (Short Story, Horror) - The Dark Sire, Issue 10


In Ruins (Short Story, Science-Fiction) - The Chamber Magazine

A Place for the Dead and the Dying (Short Story, Horror) - Dark Matter Magazine (Halloween Special Issue, October 2021)


Day of the Horde (Short Story, Horror) - Constant Readers

Taking Back Control (Short Story, Science-Fiction) - 365tomorrows

Carbon Copies (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine


Where Katie Hid (Short Story, Crime) - Near to the Knuckle

Maybe Tomorrow (Short Story, Science-Fiction) - 365tomorrows

Journey to the City of Mrath (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine & Schlock Quarterly Vol. 3, Issue 4

Go Fetch (Short Story, Horror) - Aphotic Realm (requires a donation of $1 to read)

The Tunnel of Tears (Short Story, Fantasy) - Scarlet Leaf Review (no longer available)


The Skin of Things (Poetry) - Writers' Forum #165, runner-up in poetry competition


Das Leichenschauhaus/The Morgue (Short Story, Horror) - John Sinclair #668