Published in Magazines or Webzines


Day of the Horde (Short Story, Horror) - Constant Readers

Taking Back Control (Short Story, Science-Fiction) - 365tomorrows

Carbon Copies (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine


Where Katie Hid (Short Story, Crime) - Near to the Knuckle

Maybe Tomorrow (Short Story, Science-Fiction) - 365tomorrows

Journey to the City of Mrath (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine & Schlock Quarterly Vol. 3, Issue 4

Go Fetch (Short Story, Horror) - Aphotic Realm (requires a donation of $1 to read)

The Tunnel of Tears (Short Story, Fantasy) - Scarlet Leaf Review (no longer available)


The Skin of Things (Poetry) - Writers' Forum #165, runner-up in poetry competition


Das Leichenschauhaus/The Morgue (Short Story, Horror) - John Sinclair #668

A Place for the Dead and the Dying (Short Story, Horror) - Dark Matter Magazine (Halloween Special Issue, October 2021)

The Beautiful Death of Abilene Bethel (Short Story, Horror) - Schlock Webzine (December 2021)

The Secret of Sheep (Short Story, Horror) - Crow's Feet Journal, When the Wind Blows Anthology (September 2021)

Published in Collections

Showtime 2019, The Collected Works of Newham Writers

Drive (Lyrics)

Part of Mine (Lyrics)

We've Got Some Scars (Lyrics)

My Legacy (Poem)

Showtime 2018, The Collected Works of Newham Writers

Dance of the Elverlings (Short Story, Fantasy)

Cutting Costs (Experimental)

Showtime 2017, The Collected Works of Newham Writers

The Michael Rice Scrapbook (Short Story, Crime)

Emily Under Water (Short Story, Literary)